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Mountain Saddle

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WTB Speed V Pro Gel Sadlle 225px.jpg
WTB Speed V Pro Gel Sadlle

WTB Speed V saddles utilize a shock-absorbing Soft-Shell elastomer frame and high-set padding to provide maximum comfort. The mid-width, mid-length size fits many riding and body types.

WTB Devo Saddle 225px.jpg
WTB Devo Saddle

The Devo combines firm DNA padding, a smooth leather cover and a very supportive moderate-width shell

WTB Rocket V Saddle 225px.jpg
WTB Rocket V Saddle

The Rocket V is WTB's most popular high-performance saddle both on the road and in the dirt. The uniquely contoured pad shape helps increase power output by properly angling the sit bones.

WTB Pure V Saddle 225px.jpg
WTB Pure V Saddle

The Pure V features a distinctive drop nose design, wide whale-tail pedaling platform and an ergonomic contoured shape


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