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Bontrager H2 Tire 26x1.5

The latest in pavement tire technology and design, a natural successor to the Select Invert and Satellite

Bontrager H2 Tire 26x1.5.jpg

Continental Tour Ride 26x1.75

The Continental Tour Ride has all the features a true touring tire should have at a top quality level - a tread for all road surfaces, good puncture protection and high mileage performance.
Continental Tour Ride Tire.jpg

Continental Traffic 26x1.9" Black

New for 2009 the Continental Traffic Tire with re-designed profile satisfies the everyday mountain bike in the city and the countryside. The bridged lugs provide a smooth, easy-rolling ride on the road, while a robust sidewall eliminates any concern with the road debris of the city. Choose the Reflex version with reflective sidewall for added confidence at night.

Continental Traffic Tire.jpg

Continental Touring Plus 26x1.75 Black Reflex

The Touring Plus is an excellent choice for any and every touring bicycle. Its balanced tread pattern has bikes rolling effortlessly down roads and paths, while its finely siped shoulder blocks provide surefooted grip in curves.

Continental Touring Plus Tire.jpg