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[[File:Trek Fest.png|800px|center|link=]]<br>
<tr><td><font size=6><FONT COLOR=RED>''' THE BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR'''</font></FONT COLOR><br>
<tr><td><font size=6>'''10% </font><font size=5>Off All Bicycles'''</font><br>
<tr><td><font size=4>'''Discount also applies to CLOSEOUT bicycles for a total savings of 30%'''</font><BR>
<gallery widths=200px heights=200px perrow=3 caption="">
File:Trek Remedy 9.7 2018.jpg|link=Trek Remedy 9.7 2018|Trek Remedy 9.7 2018  <br>  Was <s>$3700</s> <font color=red><br> '''Now $2590'''</font>
File:Trek Remedy 8.jpg|link=Trek Remedy 8|Trek Remedy 8 2018  <br>  Was <s>$3500</s> <font color=red><br> '''Now $2450'''</font>
File:Trek Fuel EX 7 2017.jpg|link=Trek Fuel EX 7 2017|Trek Fuel EX 7 2017 <br>  Was <s>$2600</s><font color=red><br> '''Now $1690'''</font>
File:Trek Procaliber 6 29er 2018.jpg|link=Trek Procaliber 6 29er 2018|Trek Procaliber 6 29er 2018 <br>  Was <s>$1900</s><font color=red><br> '''Now $1330'''</font>
File:Trek X-Caliber 9 29er 2018.jpg|link=Trek X-Caliber 9 29er 2018|Trek X-Caliber 9 29er 2018 <br>  Was <s>$1600</s><font color=red><br> '''Now $1120'''</font>

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Bontrager’s new Wavecel technology is the biggest advancement in the protection against cycling concussions
You’re up to 48x less likely to get a concussion compared to a standard foam helmet
Probability of concussion with Wavecel helmet: 1.2%
Probability of concussion with EPS foam helmet: 58.2%

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